Apr 19 2012

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The Generosity of Bucknell Alumni

The way to level the playing field between poverty and wealth is to provide kids with a great education.

- Kristin Ehrgood, President of Flamboyan Foundation and Bucknell Alum ´92 -

We are very proud to announce that today, April 19, 2012, we have received a $2,200 check from the Flamboyán Foundation. This generous donation will be used to purchase 11 licenses for Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5.

Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 is the tool that we are going to use in order to develop the animations. With the Davis Projects for Peace grant we will purchase 10 laptops that we will donate at the end of the program to Nuestra Escuela. All the software will be installed on the 10 laptops that we will purchase and 1 computer from Nuestra Escuela. After eight weeks of creativity and 2D animations workshops, we hope that the students will have the tools and the skills they need in order to develop 2D animations in the future.

It is with great pride and honor that we receive this generous support from Flamboyan Foundation. After reading about Kristin Ehrgood in the Bucknell Magazine, we as Bucknell students, decided to reach out to one alumnus who is dedicated and passionate to promote education among the most underprivileged in Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. We were positively surprised by the quick decision of Flamboyan Foundation to partner with us in implementing this educational initiative.We look forward to collaborating with you in the future!

Thank you very much Ms. Kristin Ehrgood (President and Board Chair of Flamboyan Foundation) and Ms. García Guiomar (Executive Director of Flamboyan Foundation in Puerto Rico) for supporting Puerto Rico Se Anima!

Stefan Ivanovski and José Saavedra

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